The Autonomous Art Biennale at Gymnasia Herzliya Tel Aviv31.3.23 - 13.4.23

Free entry

A wide-ranging art event with more than 30 participating artists from Israel and abroad will take place this Passover at the renowned high school in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, among the central educational entities in the country ever since its establishment in 1905.
At the center of the Biennale – the exhibition “Experiments in Learning,” jointly curated by Dr. Roy Brand, Sandra Weil and Rula Khoury, with participation of over 30 international and local artists, expressing a variety of voices. The event will serve as a platform and an open public space for an extensive discourse and joint thinking about art, experience and learning: to learn anew, to learn differently.

The Autonomous Art Biennale is an autonomous initiative of artists, educators and curators – without government involvement or funding – aspiring to serve as a focus that will connect contemporary art, education and community. The project is produced and managed by Marcel Art Projects NPO, in cooperation with teachers and students of the Gymnasia.

The first edition of the Biennale:

Experiments in Learning

The exhibition centers on a question that is urgent in our current reality – “Education for what?”

The toolbox of art, as reflected in the exhibition, proposes in its answer a return to imagination, to community, to the body and to the creative experience as a basis for democracy, humanism and human rights, in accordance with the credo which Dr. Zeev Dagani, principal of the Gymnasia high school, anchored in the progressive and varied study program he founded in his 15 year tenure. –
In a world on the brink of environmental and cultural collapse, we are required to learn again, to learn anew, to learn differently. How do we learn at a time when accumulated knowledge does not keep up with the pace of change? How do we learn together with a multi-participant dialogue? How do we learn to remember and to forget what we learned, in order to clear space for new experience?

Artists participating in the Biennale:

Yusra Abu Kaf, Fatma Abu Rumi, Farid Abu Shakrah, Christine Ödlund, Lina Otom Jak Agolon, Richard Usher, Doaa Badran, Johanna Billing, Erada Jumaa, Shelly Federman, Essa Grayeb, Manar Zuabi, Kat Tolkovsky, Mark Tribe, Mimi Tasama Sibaho, Cheli Jusewitz, Keren Yeala Golan and Arch. Shelly Guggenheim, Hila Laviv, Ohad Meromi, Shira Sagol, Tino Sehgal, Daniel Silver, Rabia Salfiti, Shelly Federman, Ashraf Fawakhry, Sharon Faktorowich Pinkus, Yuli Serfaty, Yara Kassem Mahajneh, Hanna Qubty, Mahmood Kaiss, Dina Shenhav, Ester Schneider

Alongside the exhibition the following will take place:

‘Open Lessons’ program

Meetings, workshops and alternative learning experiences with participants including teachers and students of the Gymnasia and guests from various areas (intended for all ages, free entry)

A series of events

curated by artists, lecturers and students from the ‘Midrasha – Arts Faculty’ of the Beit Berl Academic College, led by the program head Ruti Sela and artists and lecturers Lihi Chen and Hillel Roman (intended for all ages, free entry)

Workshop Conference

on the subject of art and learning, in collaboration with the MA program for policy and theory of the arts at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, curated by the program head, Dr. Shaul Seter